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City of Houston Parking Requirements

When designing a new development, or redevelopment, parking requirements must be a major consideration in the initial planning stages if located inside the city limits of Houston. To help simplify parking necessities, below are the basic requirements according to the Houston Municipal Code, Chapter 26 Article VIII, Off-Street Parking and Loading:

Surfaced and maintained with asphalt, concrete, or all-weather surfacing or other permanent hard surfacing material sufficient to prevent the accumulation of mud, dust or loose material. Materials may be pervious; and

Graded and provide permanent storm drainage facilities that meet the construction specifications set by the city engineer. Surfacing, curbing and drainage improvements shall be sufficient to prevent free flow of water onto adjacent properties, public streets or alleys and to provide adequate drainage.

All parking and loading facilities shall be designed to:

Include safety barriers, protective bumpers or curbing, and directional markers sufficient to provide safety, efficient utilization, protection to landscaping and bicycle spaces, and to prevent encroachment onto adjoining public or private property;

Ensure motorist visibility of pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles when entering individual parking spaces, circulating within a parking facility, and entering and exiting a parking or loading facility; and

Provide for internal circulation patterns and the location and traffic direction of all drive aisles in accordance with accepted principles of traffic engineering and traffic safety.

How many off-street parking spots do you need to accommodate for by building type? We’ve put together a simple chart to help clarify below.

One exception is the Midtown and EaDo (East Downtown) areas of Houston that no longer have minimum parking requirements.

EaDo and Midtown Map

Have questions about how to accommodate these parking requirements in your plans? Reach out to our experts on City of Houston Municipal Codes.

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